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June 29, 2013
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Crystaline Corruption

King Sombra TF
Nathan Forester had now joined forces with Jon -  Eliza's friend and become evil,  this was due to his conditioning.

He was looking around in his bedroom one night when he came across a glistening gem-stone,  it was made out of a chystaline substance and gave off a glow -  the glow hypnotized him and made him want to touch it.


As he touched the crystals he began to feel a surge of dark magical energy flowing through his body.

In fact this caused his shadow to start to move on its own,   the whole room started going dark except for him and the crystal which was glowing.

He ran his finger over the edge of the crystal,  as he did he felt the supernatural energy flowing through him.


While this was happening,   the skin on his arms was slowly turning a dark greyish colour as silver armour plating grew around them.

His hands were slowly fusing and remolding themselves,  becoming equine hooves -  he decided to kneel down on all fours and let the changes happen rather than fight them.
The next to change were his legs as the armour plating grew around them and his feet slowly fused and remolded like his hands - becoming hooves.

"Hey....this....rrrr....feels pretty good...nice!"

He couldn't help but growl as the changes progressed further,   a long spiky black tail grew out of his backside -  or should I say -  his 'flank'.

A dark red and white cape materialized on his back as armour plating appeared around his neck.

The rest of his skin was turning dark grey as well,   he growled as the changes continued -  he was really starting to enjoy them.

His hair grew longer and longer and spiked up,  blackening and becoming a mane as a silver crown with spiked corners and a red orb in the middle materialized on his head.

He felt his ears as they shifted to the top of his head and became equine in shape,   his eyes turned dark red with emerald green irises as his pupils became slitted.   Purple mist also emminated from them,  giving them an evil supernatural glow.

He was taking on a more animated appearance as a helmet like formation appeared around the top half of his face.

A horn slowly formed as it grew out of his forehead,  becoming a dark red and grey colour before becoming curved in shape but also developing a sharp tip.

Dark thoughts were filling his mind,   he growled as he thought about terrorising ponies and corrupting them with his magic.

"Aaaaaawr!  Yes....yes....yes!"

His face slowly pushed out into an equine muzzle as his teeth lengthened and sharpened,  starting with his canine teeth lengthtening to become fangs.

He growled some more as his voice developed a deeper but more animalistic tone,   the way he looked with the hypnotic eyes,  the armour,  the black hair/mane and the sharp teeth reminded him ever so much of the Hessian.  

And rightfully so...because after all the character he was turning into did have more than a few similiarities.

He roared as his transformation completed itself,   he was now the fearsome King Sombra - ready to go off into the night in search of ponies to corrupt.

"Aaaaawr!  Yes!  Yes!"

He snarled in satisfication as he examined the crystaline item one more time,  he decided to store the item somewhere where nopony would be able to find it.


With that a portal to Equestria materialized in the middle of the room,   he slinked through it and was transported to a crystaline palace of sorts -   that's when it became his new home for the night.

He really did grow to enjoy his new status as king and everything that came out of using his newfound power.    And it was a perfectly fitting choice.

After all...what better choice for an evil Walkeny kind of guy than an evil Walkeny/Hessian-like unicorn?
The first part of the My Little Pony TF stories that :iconask-thecursed: requested. This one is of my character Nathan into King Sombra.

Story © Me.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro, Lauren Faust.
Ask-Drucilla Jun 29, 2013  Student Writer
I like It a lot!!! Thanks!!! ^^
monstermaster13 Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No problem.
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