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Iconizer: A special morphing app that can be installed on any computer or phone and it involves icons that were created by various users on sites like Deviantart,  including ones that were taken from photos or screenshots or created using 3D programs like Second Life and IMVU.  The main icon you start with is basically one of your regular form before the other icon pops up and a sequence comes on screen, the sequence is one of that person into a living version of that icon or avatar with MC elements thrown in.  

If the person has multiple icons they've created, they can choose which one to be the one that they transform into,  and how they would like the sequence to go.  Unfortunately though there is the side-effect of the process being unable to stop once it starts up,  you cannot prevent yourself from morphing if the process starts and progresses further,  in addition to this even after its over, they will think that they've always been that way.
An icon based app creation.
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September 12, 2017


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