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Mikul: Mikul aka Mega Bull is an anthropomorphic bovine superhero with super strength and also special powers that are akin to his own species traits, in addition to this he got his powers from drinking special cartons of milk that resulted in him undergoing a hulk-like transformation into his anthropomorphic bull form, but he can control this at at will as well.  He can also grant powers to others whether it be via his special transformative milk-bottles/cartons or via his own powers, and give those who receive them the ability to transform into superheroic anthro animals, including anthro farm animals such as cows/bulls (tg included with the former if it's male) or superheroic anthro Pokemon on occasion.

The process can also be an MC process for bad guys, it can condition them into wanting them to be helpful and heroic rather than evil and is basically a reverse corruption process, in addition to this, if he chooses to,  he may tf a female into an anthro cow superhero to be his female counterpart, companion, friend or even a possible girlfriend/wife.
Inspired by a commercial I once saw.
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