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Nat/Trump-Thing: A horror movie lover, monster expert and adventurer with an unfortunate curse.  They call him the 'Cursed Monstrump' because of his horrible curse, he turns into Donald Trump, specifically a monstrous version of him and it is unexplained why this keeps happening, but it has to do with the fact he is one of the experts on Quora regarding the subject of Trump and he always winds up having to answer the more complex questions involving him.  Unfortunately this also leads to things getting awkward due to his alter-ego 'Trump-Thing' always arguing with him and also possessing a Quora account as well.

He has been having countless visions since 2015 that have always come true and all of them were to do with Trump and of the Monstrump invasion, he has tried to warn everyone but they didn't listen to him when it actually happened and they have to pay the price.  Last year was officially the year in which the visions actually did come true and the Monstrump invasion officially started,  and now he is still having more visions.  These visions are even ones of him turning into Trump-Thing and these visions come true as well, starting off as nightmares in which he loses control.

This alter-ego of his has caused him trouble and it is upsetting to him on a psychological level because he is now viewed as the enemy by his friends and he doesn't know what to do, he keeps hearing a voice in his mind telling him to give in and transform and to let the process happen, but no matter how many times he tries to ignore it - he always ends up being MCed and conditioned into obeying it.

He is generally a very nice person but Trump-Thing on the other hand isn't a very nice monster at all,  because he is aggressive, hungry, and also kind of evil as well.  The fact he can't control his transformation into him makes it worse, especially if the Pizza Hut logo or orange moon is involved.  Even if there are moments in which he feels strong or powerful or tries to defend himself, Trump-Thing will manifest himself.

There are quite a few variations of Trump-Thing, one of them is a large anthro bat-like version of him, the second is an aquatic Monstrump resembling a mix of Gillman and a Plutarkian,  another one is a werecat Monstrump with a Garfield-like color scheme.  He is often lonely because he feels that he is the only one in the whole world who is part Monstrump and he wishes there was someone out there to help him find other monsters who might help him. Unfortunately he seems to be alone in the world knowing that he is the only one.

Origin wise there are quite a few stories about how he turned into the Trump-Thing, the first origin story was one where he was sent back in time to 2004 to the time when The Apprentice was a hit tv show on NBC,  where he tried to warn his allies that the show's beloved host Donald Trump would turn bad and would one day become an extremely terrible leader.  Unfortunately, nobody believed him,  however this caught the attention of Trump who had heard of his visions and decided to make him a contestant on the show,  he won..unfortunately though, he found himself becoming Trump's actual apprentice as he slowly but surely altered into a grotesque monster that looked and sounded just like him.  Another origin story is one where he got into a fight with Trump on a golf-course and angered a crazy Trump-supporter with dark supernatural powers,  apparently for no reason whatsoever and said supporter cursed him to turn into Trump-Thing whenever the moon turns orange or when the Pizza Hut logo is shown.

The latter is explained as being connected to commercials that starred Trump himself. Another origin story says that he found a Donald Trump toy while looking around in his collection of items, despite not owning it,  he attempted to get rid of it and made the mistake of 'insulting' it by calling it stupid, the Trump toy (a doll of Apprentice era Trump no-less)'s eyes glowed and the doll punished him by turning him into Trump.  Then there's the origin where he woke up one night in Trump Tower or the Plaza hotel and shadowy spirit-like beings haunted him throughout the night, the spirits revealed themselves to be spectral Monstrumps who were looking for their lost leader, the spectral Monstrumps tried to toy with him by making the Trump board game appear under his bed before they ultimately decided that if they wanted their lost leader back, they would have to do it themselves...which they did, by possessing him, which resulted in him turning into Trump-Thing in that manner.  Then there's the symbiotic costume origin story.

He can transform people into an assortment of horror movie monsters and characters, but he can also turn them into Monstrumps (Trump-Monsters) or Mini-Monstrumps while as Trump-Thing and in various ways.
Based on several of my recent stories.
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