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The mysterious Aritari is a mummy horse-girl based on the character of Ahmanet from the 2017 version of the Mummy,  she is a seductive and yet adorable anthro equine with the same color scheme as Chrysalis, she has a long black mane and tail along with golden fingernails,  she has brown eyes that can double and give her a really creepy gaze (complete with double pupils), which she uses on humans. She has a friendly and free-spirited nature but also can be seductive and alluring and is also a good teacher, she has a variety of magic at her disposal including conjuring swarms of insects,  summoning changelings, turning humans into anthro equine mummy warriors, and also turning already anthro equine characters and even ponies into dark versions of themselves akin to 'Nightmare Rarity' to serve her and help her carry out her plans.

The way she turns humans into mummy anthro-equines is basically a more appealing version of the mummification process minus the scraping the brains out through the nose part and instead of the body rotting or decaying physically or on the inside, they remain alive with all their vital organs but instead become anthro equines that are mummy/Egyptian themed with powers like his, some of them may become her warriors that she trains, some may even become an anthro stallion to become the reincarnation of her lover, and some may be TGed into a horse-girl that looks like her to be a sister of hers.   She can also do it with a dance that is very much Thriller inspired.
Aritari the mummy horse-girl.
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