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TFungeon Master: An expert roleplayer in the field of TF Rps and writing stories about them, he loves it when he gets to transform others and to be transformed himself but he hates it when the RP has to end for some reason,  especially if it was just getting good and he wishes there was someway he could share his love of tfs and to carry on the tf related adventures even if the RP in general has ended, he wants to have more fun and isn't satisfied with an ending of any kind.  He can turn people into a variety of things including werecreatures, anthro animals, anthro Pokemon, celebrities, characters (from all medium except modern horror, Undertale, anime, or anything from games like Fire Emblem) and even into characters they've created themselves.

He gets his name because he is known for being an energetic and sociable dungeon master who honestly enjoys his job and he enjoys doing TF RPs with friends, he just feels sad and disappointed when the RP ends without a proper reason to or when it ends and he isn't involved with the ending himself, he just feels empty if the RP ends without him or if it ends without a legit reason to, he is hooked on TF RPs but doesn't mind it.
Another new monster.
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Submitted on
September 13, 2017