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- Donald Trump
Info:  After the end of the 2014 era storyline,  the Nightmare Realm was without an antagonist,  until the very start of the 2015 storyarc...the 2015 storyline saw the arrival of a new antagonist,  one that would ultimately prove to be the most dangerous of all.  He didn't start off that way,  throughout the early 2000's and early 2010's storyarc,  he was just a minor supporting character who had some supernatural abilities but wasn't really interested in using them,  but as his 'powers' and 'monster' attributes developed he had the desire to expand them (which he did) and once the 2015 storyline came around - that was when he started craving it and wanting more,  he wasn't satisfied...he wanted to be truly the most feared and/or respected being in the monster world.  That was when he started  wielding his power and experimented with using it for his own gain (he had done so in the past but in secret).  

And thus the election storyarc was kicked off, and thus the greatest enemy of all emerged...and that enemy of course was him.   While Sithius is the most prominent antagonist so far,  he is actually second-in-command and the Dragon,  Trump actually is the REAL big bad.   Both Mel AND Nutsy run against him in the election storyline - at least the first half of it,  before both of them ended up losing.  He is an amplified version of the man himself,  with most of his more vicious attitude problems played up for laughs,  he is also accompanied by three clones/copies of himself that are anthro felines,  one being an anthro Cheshire Cat version named Trumpshire who asks a lot of questions and prefers to ask rather than answer, an anthro tiger version that wants to be a good leader and role-model who is always trying to tell him to be responsible and scolds him if something he says or does causes trouble for others,  and an anthro tabby version who basically is super-friendly, cuddly and playful and has a very polite and calm demeanour who also just wants to play and make people happy (he also is afraid of human Trump, especially when human Trump gets angry, which is almost always).   He has had a major part in the 2016-present era storyarc,  including his board-game being a supernatural variant that gets players addicted to playing it and making them aggressive and competitive,  and also gradually turning a few people into 'Monstrumps' as a result,  his board-game temporarily brainwashing Mel and making her act crazy,  Mel was almost brainwashed a second time into being one of his supporters/allies and in the fantasy/fairy tale anthology segment 'Purrfect Queen',  he is the evil king of the werecats who views Princess Mel through his crystal viewing orb and takes a liking to her,  also resulting in her being scratched by him and slowly becoming a werecat herself (a jaguar-like one) to be his queen -  the story segment in general inspired by Legend,  in particular the original draft of the screenplay that had Princess Lily turning into a cat-woman.    In the Batman Returns homage storyline,  he pretty much plays the Max Shreck role (Max in general being based on him) and pushes Mel (who is playing the Selina Kyle role) out of the window of Trump Tower (as in the actual building itself) only for her to come back in the same style as Selina and with the same feline behavior traits.  Since then Mel and the others have made it their duty to bring his rein of terror to an end.
The bio of Trump in the election storyline.
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September 11, 2017


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